Cryptos are one of the hottest assets today and with thousands of unique ones in the market are great for traders wanting to diversify holdings and increase profits as covesting became more widely available to traders upon the release of in 2017 which enabled users for the first time to view and copy the trades of other investors.

Covesting is the first platform to support crypto copy-trading and is one of the most popular strategies used today and since they launched over four years ago now enables traders from around the world to interact and exchange data in order to create mutually beneficial partnerships that are profitable for all.

New traders are entering crypto markets at accelerated rates and the growing number of inexperienced traders drove increased demand for strategies that were easy to deploy and profit from and covesting achieves both as it is the process of copying the trades and positions of more experienced investors with successful trading track records and today we are taking a deeper dive into covesting and its concept.

Covesting: The World’s First Form of Crypto Copy Trading

Covesting became the first platform to support crypto copy-trading and when launched in 2017 brought traders and investors many new ways to earn that were previously not possible as they developed a peer-to-peer environment giving traders the ability to copy the positions of expert investors.

Copy-trading is a strategy that for some time has been used but was not possible in crypto markets until Covesting released a few years ago which was great for the community at large as the unmet demand for copy-trading was high which was shown by the over eighteen million dollars raised by their ICO.

Covesting was a new way for traders to collectively come together to share liquidity and profits earned by investors that opened orders on their behalf and since launching worked hard to build a team along with the platform and code needing to create partnerships, such as their integration into PrimeXBT, in order to broaden access to copy-trading for all.

Pooling liquidity with others for investors to trade is a hands-free and profitable approach to trading cryptos and Covesting made this strategy possible in crypto markets for the first time and is now the leading platform for traders wanting to find and follow top-performing strategy managers whose P2P investment funds let those investing in them to enjoy passive profits when winning trades are made. Launches in 2017 — Secures More Than $18M in Funding

Covesting is a fast-growing platform and strategy among traders wanting a managed approach to profits and while the concept of copy-trading has been around for a while was not used to trade crypto until Covesting launched in 2017 when its ICO raised over $18 million to quickly hit 100% of its hard cap.

Covesting is one of the most creative ways to profit from crypto in 2021 as it produces optimized outcomes for investors and followers which is useful to new traders especially whose previous potential to earn was limited by their capital and trading experience as they can now combine their resources with those of others to boost possible revenue generation and profits.

Fundraising for the Covesting ICO commenced in December 2017 and two months later, the platform launched its Crypto Intelligence Portal to serve as an educational resource to new and expert traders with recent news and live quotes, as well as opinions and trading advice shared by other investors.

This feature launched in February 2018 which is the same month the company held a presentation on the platform and its features to then launch a new site for users to beta-test the trading software and this marked the beginning of the platform now known as the first to support crypto copy-trading.

Why is Covesting So Powerful?

Novice Investors Can Partner with Top Traders in the Crypto Space

Covesting is resourceful for new traders as it gives them insight on the trades of successful investors which means even a novice investor with minimal trading experience can reduce risks and improve outcomes as they open positions at the same time as the investor they are following.

One benefit of copy-trading is the ability to leverage expertise from top-performing traders and while profitable for experienced investors is very useful to new traders with little-to-no trading experience as it reduces the chance of up-front loss while improving the prospect of profits.

Cryptos are traded in fast-paced markets that never rest and with hundreds of trading platforms and even more strategies to choose from can be hard for first-time traders to choose the site or strategy ideal to them though Covesting, and its features and concept, makes profitability easier for all users.

Novice investors having the ability to partner with top traders is an invaluable proposition as healthy margins of daily-traded cryptos are transacted by inexperienced investors testing the waters though with the covesting strategy, novice users can lessen risks, improve outcomes, and increase gains too.

Experienced Traders Can Dramatically Boost Their Income

Covesting and the trading strategy it promotes is not only useful to new traders but experienced ones too as even the most prominent traders with years of trading experience are not immune to losses or volatility and given these digital assets hold no intrinsic value, its market at times can be very volatile.

Covesting and the copy-trading platform they offer are used monthly by millions of new and seasoned investors and while those with experience can boost income from self-funded positions moving in the right direction can earn even more by creating an investor profile to trade with funds of other users.

Experienced traders have as much to benefit from covesting as the ones copying their trades as when investors use community-sourced funds to open profitable positions, they, along with those investing in the pool, will all receive payouts and compensation which opens the door to new earning opportunities.

Boosting income and earning opportunities are the ultimate goals of investors in all markets but unique to crypto markets is the dynamic of volatility that allows traders and investors to earn from more than a single source and more quickly than conventional assets and covesting is a great way to increase gains.

In Conclusion

Cryptos and strategies used to trade them have evolved over time and despite many strategies existing among the best of them is covesting as it gives traders the ability to connect with other investors with the ability to copy their trades too and the Covesting platform along with those such as PrimeXBT that partnered with them now make covesting easier for all to leverage.

Investors small and large as well as new and experienced traders can use covesting to gain insight into the market and its trades but also the strategies used by some of the most successful investors and with the ability to create an account and invest in minutes is the easiest of all times to covest and copy-trade.

Covesting is a new and exciting way to trade cryptos and one of the securest strategies for new traders to pursue as their funds are invested under the guidance of experienced investors who are compelled to make winning trades for the success fees they earn and Covesting makes this possible with a social platform that makes it easy for traders and investors to interact and partner with each other.

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